Haveli Restaurant & Resorts Limited

  • Haveli Restaurant and Resorts

We have built a complete solution to showcase their hospitality service and their patron's experience. The booking option with an online payment service is also built-in for guests. On the backend customer management (CMS) and booking management systems are built for the team.

A hospitality company operating restaurants and banquet halls with a focus on Punjabi heritage.

The brand Haveli has become synonymous with quality and excellence in Northern India.

What sets Haveli Restaurant & Resorts Limited apart from its competitors is its modern dhaba-style ambiance, which pays homage to the rich Punjabi heritage. The company was incorporated in 1997 and has its registered office in Phagwara, Punjab.

Rangla Punjab Rangla Punjab
Melting Pot of Punjab’s Culture
A traditional Punjabi-themed village.
Rangla Punjab is a cultural bonanza of an old-age Punjabi Village, transporting you back to experience the grandeur of bygone times.


  • Haveli at Jalandhar,
  • Haveli at Murthal,
  • Haveli at Amritsar,
  • Haveli at Ranjit Avenue Amritsar,
  • Haveli at Curo Highstreet Jalandhar


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