ePaper Publisher Solutions

  • ePaper Publisher Solution

We provide ePaper publisher solutions on SAAS model. We do not share any revenue and work on fixed pricing.

A similar solution is available for web-based e-books, and e-magazines too.

We can provide the ePaper, etc. with free/paid services in different modes tailored to your needs.

  • Free for visitors
  • Free and viewable only for registered
  • Free for today's publication only
  • Paid Subscription for past publications
  • Fully Paid Subscription Model

Linking Print News to Updated One!

We provide the option to link your printed news on ePaper to be linked to the article on your news portal so your reader is always updated on changes and follows the news. The linking engagement helps in furthering the potential of traffic revenue and follow-through on your news portal too.

Available, is the option to link the marked-up story to the story on your news portal.

ePaper Markup With BrandingMarkup Features:

  • Option to add title in regional as well as English language
  • Option to link News Portal article
  • Markup with your branding ready to share on social media and on WhatsApp.
  • Each markup is a page that can be measured for a number of views via analytics.

ePaper Markup With BrandingAdvantage for Regional Language Publishers

ePaper Markup With BrandingePaper Markup With Branding

The option to mark up news and add English (or SEO-friendly languages) headlines helps in optimizing the marked-up stories for search.

Linking Published Ads

We provide the option to link your published ads to your advertiser's page. This helps you increase your print ad revenue by charging advertisers additional fees.

Available, is the option to link the marked-up ads to the advertiser's portal.

Quick Go Live!

Go live on our ePaper solution is as quick as 7 working days.