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The best organizations understand the power of people-focused experiences combined with technology. The buzz about social is really about recognizing that people who work together can move your business ahead. All the popular sites on the web are about people. Employees in any organization will love and adopt their company's portal if it's about people. And this is exactly what we kept in mind while collaborating with Peerless FPD for creating Cafe Peerless, their employee portal.


Cafe Peerless is the Employee Portal for Peerless FPD designed and developed by Daksham in 2017. It is a one stop destination for Peerless FPD Employees that not only enables them to manage their Attendance, Leaves and Travel, but also access industry news , through organization videos, photo galleries and also wish colleagues on birthdays and work anniversaries. To kil the monotony, the portal provides daily dose of quiz and polls along with inspirational quotes. It makes the


Cafe Portal has aligned align Peerless employees with the company's purpose and vision, connected team members across geographies by offering personalized content and experiences, and will go and long way in getting the job done.