• Happycations

What makes you happy?

Is it the clear blue sky in the sound of silence as you recline on a hammock with your book at the seaside or that secret wish of dancing with the tribal folk with racy drumbeats… or is it the sound of gushing water as you take on the wildest rapids... Perhaps, your peace of mind comes from simply being one with nature in the quaint hill stations and discovering history in palaces and havelis or through road trips into the countryside?

Our joy is charted on a two-way street of give and take, of sharing and collaborating with likeminded folks, finding new experiences and common passions, to not just be free of the stress from our fast-paced lifestyle but to reconnect with means and moments which make us simply – happy.

Happycations is your travel partner in your pursuit of happyness. Bringing alive experiences small and big in those moments when you seek liberation from your mind - through trips that you can carve out near and far, even while exploring a place you have been to. Enjoying the unknown, Enjoying anew, afresh.